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some songs by jakob maier


released May 4, 2011




Catstronaut Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: feelings
you know me best
i'd like to see you undressed
all the love we left
face down in the pavement
Track Name: fntms
ive been in love for so long
now everything is going wrong
you took my pictures off of your wall
no one to kiss and no one to call
ill ride the rollercoasters by myself
and toss all of your shit
off of all of my shelves
and when i get angry when i get sad
ill remind myself what we once had

fun times fun times fun times fun times
we had some fun yeah we had some fun
yeah we had some fun together
now youre nearly gone yeah youre nearly gone
now youre nearly gone forever

im giving up im giving in
i dont remember how to begin
a conversation with anyone else
ive got to stop this talking to myself
its a rainy day and theres a marching band
playing carnival music while i stay in bed
theres something new that you don't know about me
Track Name: what i want
i want to i want to hold your hand
i want you i want you to save me from these places i cant stand
whats the matter now? nothing matters anyway
youre forgetting how all of this will be mine some day

oh what i want i get

broken bones and beat up hearts and your new smile
i've been feeling tossed around and forgotten for just a little while
whats the matter now? youve got nothing to say
i finally figured out this paper and pencil can just be thrown away
Track Name: stewart
was it worth it? is it a crying shame?
nobody will ever know your name
none of your friends really know you well
sometimes you wish you could die and go to

white noise theres no girls or boys
in memories in memories in memories you want to be

is it over is it over your head?
are you tired of people placing blame? lets dance instead
all of your thoughts they put you to sleep
riding your bike every day down the same streets to

white noise with no girls or boys
in daydreams in daydreams in daydreams you want to be

you need to be youll never be
Track Name: shame
oh its such a shame to waste a good boy
Track Name: why bother
its not your fault its all my bad
i ruined all the dreams i had
its not that hard its not easy
to really care about something
if all you know is running away
then let me teach you to stay
ill draw your picture while you play with my hair
i just want to teach you to care

why bother trying at all? why bother making a simple call?
why bother if itll just sting? why bother anything?

ill ride my board ill drive my car
so long as we meet at the stars
all the pretty things in the movie screens
yeah theyre only real in my memories
well yeah i guess that its worth a try
i just want to kiss you before i die
and if you want well ill just leave
after i make sure you see

i dont need you at all
i cant stop lying to myself